Thursday, March 22, 2012

珍珠人参美白皂-Pearl And Ginseng Whitening Soap

人参能促进皮肤血液循环,延緩皮膚衰老及皺紋的出現,这款皂用了人参茶入皂,也加入了人参碎粒。珍珠粉有非常好的美白效果, 含有豐富的礦物質 能使肌膚白皙.軟化. 其所含的微量元素及氨基酸 有利於保持皮膚中的水分。除了高含量的橄榄油,让肌肤更能滋嫩,也添加了米糠油,米糠油含有豐富的維他命E. 蛋白質 維生素等物質 可供給皮膚水分及營養 還有美白.抑制肌膚細胞老化的功能 。

橄榄油,棕榈油,椰油,植物浸泡油,珍珠粉,人参粒,人参茶,米糠油,碱,vit E,甜杏仁油.

*can be used for facial wash or body bath,suitable for all skin types
*Since each soap is made and cut by hand, they may vary slightly in size, weight and color

Experience an exotic long lasting facial soap of Ginseng and edible pearl powder for beauty,cleansing & mosturizing effect. Contains vitamins C & E which helps restore firmness to your aging skin.

Main ingredients:
Pure Olive Oil,Palm Oil,Coconut Oil,Organic Rice Bran Oil,Ginseng tea water, Ginseng powder,Sodium Hydroxide,Pure Essential Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Vitamin E oil.

(Contains no harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes or synthetic fragance oil)

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