Friday, March 23, 2012

備长炭牛奶滋润皂-Charcoal Milk Soap


橄榄油,棕榈油,椰油,有机米糠油,鲜牛奶,備长炭粉,碱,植物浸泡油,植物精油,vit E,甜杏仁油(无添加任何活性界面剂,不含人工香精和防腐剂)


*can be used for facial wash or body bath,suitable for all skin types
*Since each soap is made and cut by hand, they may vary slightly in size, weight and color

Charcoal powder - not the one from your BBQ grill, but the specially processed activated kind,used effectively cleanse and whiten your skin, unclogg pores, remove impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, resulting supple, delicate and smooth skin.

Main ingredients:
Pure Olive Oil,Palm Oil,Coconut Oil,Organic Rice Bran Oil,Activated charcoal,Sodium Hydroxide,Pure Essential Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Vitamin E oil.

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