Friday, June 29, 2012

浓情巧克力- Chocolate Mint Soap

100% 纯天然手工皂



巧克力里的可可多酚能让肌肤变的细致,可可脂对肌肤的覆盖性良好,能使肌肤保湿切柔软。 沖洗 後不 會太乾澀,且還留有一些潤澤感。(对巧克力敏感者请别使用)

橄榄油,棕榈油,椰油,红棕榈油,可可脂,碱,植物浸泡油,薄荷精油,vit E,甜杏仁油,食用巧克力,鲜牛奶

2.皂皂停留在皮肤的时间虽然短暂,短时间内也不会有立竿见形的效果,但天长日久地使 用,你会感到手工皂与众不同的呵护,会感觉到你的皮肤日益变得细腻、健康、白皙、 色斑渐渐消褪(当然,由内分泌紊乱引起的色斑不是皂皂所能解决的,这需要中医的诊 治调理)

*can be used for facial wash or body bath,suitable for all skin types
*Since each soap is made and cut by hand, they may vary slightly in size, weight and color

This is a rich, moisturising and stimulating soap with the combination of chocolate and mint. The soap is superfatted with organic, food grade cocoa butter that re-hydrates parched skin and contains essential nutrients that will leave skin soft, smooth and refreshed. The butter and mint together also soften the skin, helping to remove blackheads, therefore this soap is suitable for all skin types, from dry to oily.

Main ingredients:
Pure Olive Oil,Palm Oil,Coconut Oil,Organic Cocoa Butter,Sodium Hydroxide,Fresh Milk,Pure Mint Essential Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Vitamin E oil.Chocolate

(Contains no harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes or synthetic fragance oil)

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